Sunday, October 26, 2008

Forrest Griffin Hates Anderson Silva

Most of my entries tend to be on the longer side. Well this one is gonna be short.

I was surfing around YouTube trying in vain to find a clip of Anderson Silva fighting Patrick Cote before the pit-bulls from UFC snatched it down. Apparently, even that's not happening anymore.

Instead, I ran across a clip entitled "Forrest Griffin Hates Anderson Silva."

Anyone who's seen Forrest Griffin interviewed or interact with other fighters during his time on the Ultimate Fighter (either as competitor or coach) would be surprised if that were true. It would be highly out of character both for Griffin to hate anyone and for him to state so publicly. Arousing further suspicion, the audio was five seconds and clearly had been clipped out of context.

Sure enough, that's exactly what the moron did.

The longer byte is hilarious and got me thinking that Forrest Griffin deserves more praise.

The man is a stud. He seems like a sincerely kind and respectful person. He carries himself with poise born of integrity and dignity. And Griffin is comfortable in his own skin, not ravaged by the insecurities that seem to drive then destroy a lot of fighters.

Oh, and he can throw some leather.

Sure, everyone knows about the fight with Stephan Bonnar. But his resume is actually quite impressive and speaks of a well-rounded fighter. He lost a decision in his debut to an aging Dan Severn. Three rounds against Severn, regardless of his age, is baptism by fire and speaks to Griffin's heart. He's beaten up on nobodies, but also has wins over Jeff Monson, Chael Sonnen, Elvis Sinosic, a second victory over Bonnar, Mauricio Rua, and Quentin Jackson.

I'm not saying Griffin is a great fighter by any means. I don't think anyone would be too surprised if his reign atop the savage 205 pile is brief. As in one fight.

He didn't look especially great in his loss to Keith Jardine. His other loss to Jeremy Horn isn't to a name that builds credibility in defeat. That said, neither Jardine nor Horn is a chump. Even champions have off nights and Forrest Griffin is currently the Light Heavyweight Champion.

The guy isn't glitzy, he isn't glamorous.

He doesn't even have a nickname.

But Forrest Griffin deserves credit for being a champion and, even more so, for carrying himself like one.

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